UX Discovery: Empathy, Hypothesis and Assumptions

UX Discovery and Early Requirements Gathering I tend to look at product development as moving along two tracks. 1) Path-finding, where fewer competitors exist and there is more room to blaze a trail with emerging technology or new solutions – or 2) Iterating on a mature or known product, where people are familiar with your product and common interaction[…]

Dissecting Your Problem Statement

Is the Problem Your Trying to Solve also an Opportunity It might sound obvious, but when you’re in the discovery and early definition phase and considering developing a prototype to test or a product solution it’s critical to understand the problem you’re trying to solve. However it’s common that this is often given to designers filtered down[…]

Why the MVP is a Bad Idea for a Release Candidate

Alternate Acronyms to Inspire Great Work! Disclaimer: Some of what I’m about to say here doesn’t really apply if time is NOT on your side – or a hard and fast market driven deadline is staring you in the face. I’m going to propose some ideas here that are controversial but that’s ok, hopefully the discussion[…]

Your UX team and where it fits in the organization

Five things to consider when establishing UX within your business Integrating UX with Agile software development teams is a challenge facing many companies. The “lean approach” or the “MVP” or continuous integration — whatever it is you call it — at the end of the day the goal is often to move fast, learn quickly and course correct and[…]