Barrett Kenney
UX Architect & Experience Designer
Distance Runner / Downhill Skier / Disc Jockey
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As UX has started to elevate as a key team member alongside business strategy and product definition—I’ve been fortunate to overlap in both tactical and visionary roles. With a  focus on delivering world class products I’ve collaborated on mobile app development, physical products as well as operations, organizational and lifecycle design with recommendations for integrating UX teams in the business.

At a tactical level working as an Interaction Designer I’ve held roles on product path-finding teams (Nike, Intel, Oakley), as well as teams that were transitioning from engineering-lead to design-lead development. Some of the products I’ve worked on include the Nike Fuelband SE, and the mobile app, Nike Running, Nikeplus Profile, Intel + Oakley’s smart sport glasses, Xbox, Sharp’s SmartCentral, Interactive deliverables for Xerox and a number of campaigns for HP, Cisco and other technology products. Over the last 16 years I’ve seen more varieties of Agile than I can count, with experience that spans the break-neck pace of agency life as well as medium to large corporate enterprise.

I try to draw on all of this experience for the right solution at the right time aiming for a balance with deliverables and outcomes.

With an eye on the horizon I’m excited about where this connected world is taking us and imagine a future where the web is more than just the internet, technology is Awake, Aware, Smart and Understands me – this simplifies my life.

Work History and Career Themes



My April Zero

April Zero is developed and designed by a Quantified Self nerd named Anand Sharma He’s been generous enough to make an instance of his site available for others to tie their data to in order to create a collection of personal visualizations based on their activity.

My April Zero


My Mixtapes

When I was a kid I really enjoyed Saturday morning’s listening to Rick Dees and the weekly top 40. Little did I know at the time but this would plant the seed for a Dj career of my own. When I moved to Portland I started moonlighting as a DJ at local nightclubs, which became a 13 year run of hosting events, parties and residencies at clubs between Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and even a couple of trips across the pond to London. Plus a couple of years working with a local record label here called IMIX records. My personal favorite is west coast house, and UK breakbeats, but I thoroughly enjoy all genres of music. I’ve played everything from weddings, graduations, christmas parties and ski resorts, to warehouse events, and have shared the stage with electronic music legends like Jeno and Garth and the Wicked crew, Mark Farina, Kaskade, Andy Caldwell, Simply Jeff, Unkle, Halo and Hipp-e and more.

Over the years I took on a couple of different personas, from DJ B, to Barrett Paul, to a night I ran for a couple of years called Knotty Disco with my long-time partner in crime Dj Mr. Mumu.


DJ Barrett Paul

Knotty Disco


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Keeping it all under one roof so to speak, here are some areas where I consume and post to social media (Pinterest & Twitter)

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