UX Evangelism and Product Leadership…


From Strategy and Vision, to Experience Design


Over the last four years I have worked as a UX Director on Nike’s strategic initiative to digitally transform. This has involved gaining an understanding of end-to-end business processes and working with cross-functional teammates to define requirements for the future supply chain.

Prior to joining the program at Nike I spent the better part of a decade in product innovation roles – including smart city IoT, connected devices and wearable technology projects – and also mobile application ecosystems with industry leading brands like Intel, Nike, Oakley, Recon, and Vitalize Fitness.







Nike’s Supply Chain
Digital Transformation

In order to think about digital transformation across the supply chain it required thinking differently about how we work, how we approach enterprise level solutions, and also how we imagine ways of working will change in order to serve the future needs of our customers. For me this started by determining the role of UX on a program of this size and scale, driving key decisions around UX technologies at the platform level, and tailoring engagement models to fit varying levels of need for UX expertise.

Establishing an Enterprise UX Practice:
1. Define the role UX plays in the Enterprise.
2. Identify areas of the business where UX should focus.
3. Determine how UX can deliver the most value.
4. Establish an engagement model to support business functions.


Business User


Planning + Manufacturing


Goods in Transit + Logistics


Node Management + Operations



Smart City IoT


In 2016 I worked as a Principal UX consultant with Silver Spring Networks on IoT and smart city initiatives to design a platform for innovation used by engineers at utility companies around the globe. This included UX leadership across multiple products, managing the process for multiple agency engagements, competitive landscape analysis, hands-on research with IoT hardware–as well as leading design for a developer and a device management portal – and delivering a logistics track and trace solution.